Hemp-Infused Ktape • MEGA ROLL • $50.00

One of our most popular items. Perfect for everyday use. Exceptional quality and choice.
2″ x 16.4′ (5cm x 5m)

650mg of Nano-Infused Per MEGA Roll


Hemp-Infused Ktape • STANDARD ROLL • $29.99

2″ x 8.2′ (5cm x 2.5m)

325mg of Nano-Infused Per STANDARD Roll


Why Choose Us?

  • Ingredients are all natural, sourced & made in the USA.
  • Third-Party tested
  • Ease of use and wearability
  • Shelf life of 36 months
  • Steady time-released delivery

About our KTape

Our trade secret proprietary method, developed over 10 years, uses a secret freeze-dried nanotechnology with active potency ingredient amplification.

We further increase the effectiveness and stability of the hemp K-Tape by customizing its nanomolecular size and by using trade secret inactive excipients and active accelerators for each active ingredient. This results in up to a 98% weight reduction over older delivery methods.

Cut the tape in the sizes you need to address the exact areas where you are experiencing pain and discomfort. Sustained relief should begin within 15 minutes!

Ktape Ingredients:

Pure Hemp Extract, MCT Oil , Q Naturale (Quillaja bark extract), Water, Sodium Benzoate, Vegetable Glycerin

The ingredients we use are hypoallergenic, skin safe, gentle, and even soothing to the skin. As with any topical application, we recommend applying a small piece to check for any adverse reactions.

Individuals may experience different effects from the use of this product. Please consult your physical therapist or trainer to learn how to properly apply Ktape for maximum benefits.

This product is produced with 100% cotton material and uses a poly-acrylic adhesive which may adhere to the skin after use. Simply use oil (such as coconut oil) or petroleum jelly to remove any excess adhesive.

If irritation occurs after removing the tape, soothe with petroleum jelly or aloe vera.